Monday, July 25, 2022

Blog 2: Psychics

 I knew immediately after seeing psychic abilities was being covered that I wanted to do a blog on it. A couple of weeks before this class started, me and my friend were approached by a psychic while shopping. She told us that she wanted to do readings on us because of our energies. My friend is really into things like that and loves spiritual stuff, so we went. I originally was not going to get a reading because I was skeptical, but I ended up giving in and getting a palm reading. Honestly, there were accurate things in the reading, but definitely things that were not true at all. After doing the reading I felt a little silly that I paid to have it done. However, after reading about the tricks they use in this class, I really felt dumb. I can verify that what she said was very ambiguous and could have been said to almost anyone. I have definitely learned my lesson not to spend money on that kind of stuff. 

Things like crystals, astrology, and psychic readings have always made me skeptical. I have never believed that crystals do anything or that astrology can predict your personality. However, I am surrounded by people who love crystals and who believe in astrology so it is very easy for me to get caught up in it. I will admit that I have bought crystals and read a lot about zodiac signs. The crystals have not done anything noticeable to me, but they are very pretty to look at. They are still fun to look at and read up on, but I know they are not something that will change my life. 



While I don't think I truly believe in psychic powers or what the zodiac signs are said to predict, I still have fun reading about them. I've linked a website where you can learn all about your zodiac signs and take a free compatibility quiz. I've also linked a youtube video where you can take a quick intuitive quiz to see how intuitive you are. I didn't do very well, but maybe you're more intuitive than me!


  1. Hey Lauren, I totally get it with the psychic thing. I've always been skeptic about their methods of getting information out of their clients. I do enjoy looking at crystals as well but the astrology stuff is all generalizations as you were saying. I can also attest that it is fun to look into our astrology sign and whatnot but I always think in the back of my mind how it's just made up stuff

  2. I know some people like to get their palms read because they believe it will help their future. I have not gotten my palm read and am very skeptical about it. I am also not really into crystals and do not know what they mean or do, but I agree they are pretty to look at. As far as astrology goes, I believe in the signs, but not the daily affirmation things I see on Instagram and Twitter.