Saturday, July 30, 2022

Blog Post #1: Psychic Crime Detectives

 This lecture caught my eye very fast. I do believe in psychics so this was something I wanted to learn so much about. I personally do believe they can help police in a missing person case. I have watched many videos and kid psychics helping police and I really do not think it was fake. Noreen Renier was someone I knew nothing about. Now I feel like I know a lot about her. This was one of my favorite topics in this class. 

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  1. Hey Samantha,

    This lecture also caught my eye especially since I am a criminal justice major. I think it's fascinating that people are born with the ability to talk to spirit entities. I also believe in mediums as well as psychics. However, I don't really buy the ones who rely on tarot cards and rub their hands against a glass ball to read your future. I believe Noreen Renier broke the barrier for psychics to get involved in criminal investigations since it made officers view people with this gift with much more respect.