Sunday, July 17, 2022

Blog 2: The Mozart Effect

Reading up on this Mozart Effect seemed a little silly all around. When I see parents on Facebook showing their 3 month old Mozart I sort of chuckle because it's funny to see the babies dancing to it and what not. But it has nearly no effect on how they process information, and college students as well referring to the lecture notes. I can agree that listening to music can help me focus, but in my personal experience it has to be very quiet or else it becomes distracting to my work because I'll stop what I'm doing and jam out, which in some forms debunks the Mozart Effect. Nonetheless, not specifically Mozart, but the music I enjoy did carry me through my math equation packets. This could also be some form of the placebo effect to get me to do my homework as well, but I like to agree that music in general has little effect on cognitive functions or "making you smarter." 

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