Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Blog 1 Logical Fallacies

From the reading, I have learned a lot about logical fallacies. I was not familiar with the concept before. I came to understand that Fallacies can be either invalid arguments or unimportant ideas, and they are frequently discovered because they lack supporting evidence. I feel that many individuals should be aware that there might be flaws in an argument's reasoning that render its conclusions incorrect. Everyone should be aware of cognitive fallacies and how they might weaken an argument. One way to avoid that is to not portray oneself as knowledgeable or an expert on a subject if you are not.


  1. I found the idea of fallacies to be very interesting, and I like your take on the matter. When a person is humble and willing to be proved wrong they are less likely to fall into traps of fallacies.

  2. I agree with Matt, fallacies are an interesting concept. Based on behaviors and prejudices, being open minded is something I aspire to be while avoiding biases and fallacies.