Monday, July 18, 2022

Blog Post #3: Can Psychic Crime Detectives Solve Cases?

     One of the last few lectures brought up the cases where a said-to-be psychic “solved” a crime about a missing man. It was the case of Charles Capel. Noreen Renier described the environment where she thought Charles was in. Noreen gave clues like stones, wooded areas, a fence, and a creek. Even though these clues were accurate pertaining to where Charles was found, they were vague answers and all common for the area they lived in and considering he wandered away when he was missing, making it clear that he was still likely in the area described. Not to mention, he also wasn’t found until at least a month later and by a man hunting. Although there is minimal information, I do believe that the information was a bit vague for it to be deemed true.

For a while now I looked into and discovered the difference between mediums/psychics and people who can tap into that intuitive side. I watch and research and do a lot of investigative research. Many of which allowed me to gather tricks that “mediums” use and that psychics use to predict our futures. Personally, I don’t believe in medium and psychic abilities, we never truly know the future for it can be altered at any moment. As said in the book I am reading for this class, “Thinking Fast and Slow”, it states that anyone can say “I knew that would happen” after something already occurred. You never truly know, you can only weigh options and save room for error.

With that being said, I do believe that people can tap into that intuition to connect with spirits and those who have crossed over or are trying to. We can connect to the past, but not tell the future. I believe that it takes a special mindset to connect with spirits and build that foundation of trust for spirits to come forward. In the end, we can connect, but cannot confidently predict without error, because even the smallest of changes can cause great repercussions.

    This link refers to Theresa, Long Island Medium, and a woman’s story about her hesitancy towards the “experience” being true or just Theresa taking shots in the dark.


  1. Hello Kierstin! I really liked the topic you chose for your last blog post. I honestly don't really believe in psychic abilities as well because I have been to one before and I feel like sometimes they try to get answers out of you and then they can keep going on about that subject and basically play mind games. There probably is people in this world that can read people like a book, but from my experience it was not what I expected. As you stated in your last paragraph, that you think there is a way for people to connect with spirits, I definitely agree with you that there is some way people can do that.
    I really enjoyed reading your discussion post! Great job.

  2. Kierstin, I agree with you that psychics and mediums are fake. Nobody is able to predict or see into the future, and many times these people will make very broad statements that can match many different people. This is like the graphology lecture, when the lady thought she could determine someone's personality based off their handwriting.