Monday, July 25, 2022

Blog Post #3

 In lecture 7, we go over the topic of recalling past events. I find it very interesting that people can misremember past events and think something different happened. This happens to everyone due to the fact that people recall memories with intent and tries to make sense of them. The Florence False Interpretation Study found that people can be manipulated into having false memories. These people really believe that they have had this remembered experience, but its through suggestive thoughts that this can occur. Therapists can do this through dream therapy to give the client suggestions and interpretations of their dreams. The idea of recalling past events in  a false matter happens to tons of people on a daily basis. These people see nothing wrong since they just think that their own memories are reality. I have definitely experienced this in my own life and have falsely recalled past events. It'd difficult to discern having a false memory because it is your own. 


  1. This chapter was so interesting me! I have numerous "memories" that I cannot tell if they are true memories or just dreams that I have had. The brain, dreams, and memories are definitely fascinating to learn about.

  2. I like the fact you brought up misremembering past events in people's lives. I feel like there are times we all experience this and I never thought anything of it until I read this chapter myself. This definitely happens to me more often than I would like to admit.

  3. I do believe in misremembering past events. I believe that people can remember events differently from the way they happened. I believe that it is because our minds rely on patterns to reconstruct memories.