Thursday, July 14, 2022

Blog Post #1 The Jersey Devil

As discussed in the PowerPoint lectures, the jersey devil in ancient folklore said animal has the head of a horse and the wings of a bat. This cryptid has been believed in for centuries and there have been numerous reports from people from southern NJ stating they had some type of encounter with the beast. This creature came to be when a lady gave birth to 13 children and wished her 13th child to be known as the devil, which turned true. I personally do not believe in this cryptid, but I know of people who do and that is fine. Things happen in life so for all we know it can be a real creature, but I personally do not believe in it. In the lecture, there was a video where someone said as a child a creature had gotten into their basement and destroyed all the Christmas decorations and that person thought it could have been the jersey devil, but we will never know. I personally think it was some type of typical wild animal just gone berserk but who knows.

I do not know what drives people to think such creatures exist, but we all believe in something, somehow. There is a possibility the jersey devil and other folklore creatures exist, such as Chupacabra's, bigfoot, abominable snowman, etc. I feel as if other people constantly telling stories and reporting sites of said creatures have a huge social impact on whether people believe in them or not.

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