Monday, July 18, 2022

Blog Post #3 Ways of Thinking

   Ways of Thinking

Jackie Policari

This was my absolute favorite lecture that I read about. The title of this lecture is called "Ways Of Thinking." This lecture caught my attention because of the multiple different types of thinkers there are. There were types of thinkers discussed in the powerpoint which were Naive thinker, The selfish critical thinker, and the fair minded thinker. The one that stood out to me the most was definitely the Naive thinker. I used to be very Naive with certain things which did not lead me in the right direction because you are not actually really aware of what you are thinking or care as much. I really think that the fair minded thinkers are the best to strive for. The reason for this is because fair minded people are very upright to people which is the best way to be.

After reading this lecture, I have done more research myself on critical thinkers. I have found an article that relates to our lecture that was published in 2014. This article goes above and beyond explaining what critical thinkers do and how it could affect learning. According to PubMed the results of this study showed that the learning styles, critical thinking and academic performance are significantly associated with one another. Considering the growing importance of critical thinking in enhancing the professional competence of individuals, it's recommended to use teaching methods consistent with the learning style because it would be more effective in this context” (Ghazi Vakili, et al., 2014). I really enjoyed reading this article because it related a lot to our lecture and explained different learning styles and how it could affect a person mentally.

Critical thinking is super important, going back to the lecture I really liked the slide where it explained becoming a fair-minded thinker. I think this slide could be well explained in an article so people can view this when they don't exactly know what a fair minded thinker is. When I research what a fair minded thinker is, it does give a big explanation on it but this slide is a great way for people to start becoming fair minded thinkers.


Ghazi Vakili, Z., Norouzi Nia, R., Panahi, F., Karimi, M., Gholsorkhi, H., & Ahmadi, Z. (2014). The role of critical thinking skills and learning styles of university students in their academic performance. Journal of advances in medical education & professionalism, 2(3), 95–102.

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