Thursday, July 14, 2022

Blog Post #1 The end of the world

 The end of the world

Jackie Policari

The lecture called “the end of the world” is very terrifying to think about, but it could happen any day and we do not even know it. After reading the powerpoint, what stood out the most to me was that there were all different dates that people predicted the world would end but it still hasn't. This was very obscured but more recently has been brought up around the world. It is insane to think that anything could happen any day and we do not even have a clue. People do make predictions on when the world is going to end but it is not accurate since they said the world would end in 2012 and it is now 2022. 

This theory has made millions of people scared for their life. In 2012 I remember being a kid and just hearing all over the news and social media that they were saying that the world is going to end. I was only 12 years old,  as a kid I believed anything people would tell me. I remember that night sitting outside with my friends thinking the world was over but nothing happened. There were so many prior events that have taken place that have caused many people around the world to lose their lives over certain crises that were 100% planned. There were so many predictions being made but no one knows when the world will actually end. I find it insane that some people try to predict the future and what will happen to us but are still wrong.

From my own perspective, I do not believe that there is a date for the world to end. Everyone has their own opinions and people will believe anything that is on the news or brought up on all social media platforms.

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