Monday, May 3, 2010

The End of the World

By now everybody knows that the World is going to end in December 2012 when there is a magical equinox in the sky. Rather than go into the absurdities behind all the mumbo jumbo, BUY MY BOOK, WATCH MY MOVIE quack scientists out there, I'll let you do that on your own. They're all full of it. I thought I would share a list of other previous dates that the world has ended, you can look them up if you like.

1. October 3, 1533. Michel Stifel, an associate of Martin Luther convinced a small band of people to sell their possessions and join him at the top of a hill and ascend to heaven, due to his mathematical analysis of the Bible. 3 hours later when the world didn't end he had to be locked in a jail cell for his own protection.

2. October 22, 1844. American Baptist preacher William Miller convinced his Millerites the end of the world had been predicted in Daniel 8:14. This date is known as the Great Disappointment for obvious reasons.

3. Charles Manson predicted racial tensions in America would bring about an Armageddon race war and him and the "Manson Family" would rule the World. When no race war erupted he began his killing spree to "show them how to do it". Manson is currently in prison.

4. 1993, Waco, Texas. David Koresh and over 100 branch Dravidians barricaded themselves inside a ranch to await the end of the World. The result was a 51-day siege that ended in Koresh's death as well as 75 others inside.

5. March 1997. Hale Bopp and the Heaven's Gate cult has been discussed but deserved mention.

6. January 1, 2000. Y2K. Enough said. At this point if you still believe the world has a set date consider the company you are in. Consider that Mayans simply picked a date and started counting, what if they picked another date?


  1. I always did laugh at all the predictions of the end of the world. It's almost like people expect it to happen, so they look for reasons that it will. Yes the planet will cease to be at some point, but the chances of that happening during our small minscule blip of time in this universe....I think not.

  2. GRYODY.
    HEAVEN'S GATE A MEMORIAL Established 2009. A memorial science fiction book.

  3. These prediction are so crazy, its so funny that these certain groups of people can actually pick a date to when the world is going to come to an end.

    Remember after 9/11, a man hundred of years ago predicted that this would happen, that a bird will hit two tall towers. Its ridiculous that people go back to quotes like this to make sense of something that happen. How come no one knew of this quote before it happen, its all bologna....