Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Shape of the Earth

Despite plenty of evidence that suggests the Earth is round, there are still people that claim the Earth is flat, believe it or not. One of these groups, known as the "International Flat Earth Research Society", not only claim that the Earth is flat, they also claim the Earth does not rotate at a speed of 1000 MPH. Former president of the Flat Earth Society, Charles Johnson, stated “the idea of a spinning globe is only a conspiracy of error that Moses, Columbus, and FDR all fought."

While there are a vast number of ways to prove the Earth is not flat, there are a few that are the most common. Firstly, the Greeks discovered a long time ago that by observing lunar eclipses, one could see the Earth is in fact round. When the Earth blocks the sun from the moon, a round shadow is casted on the moon’s surface. Secondly, the Earth has different time zones. It would be impossible to be night time on one side of the globe and daytime on the opposite side if the Earth was flat, especially considering the volume of the sun is over one million times that of Earth’s. Third, every single picture of the Earth suggests its shape is circular. Of course the Flat Earth Society believes these pictures are a product of a conspiracy, however over the last 50 years of collecting pictures and videos taken by orbiting satellites and space stations, every single picture and video shows the Earth is round. Lastly, the force of gravity is the same everywhere on Earth, which suggests the Earth is a spherical shape. These are just a few methods out of many others that prove the Earth is round.

Those holding the belief that the Earth is flat continue to rely on nothing but pseudoscience and myths to back up their claims. Even when presented with overwhelming scientific evidence and common sense, some people are just downright stubborn.

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