Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is Today Your Day?

What if I told you that before you get out of bed in the morning, before you do anything, your day is already planned. Many people believe that ones biorhythm can graph what kind of mood they are going to be in, therefore determining how strong , emotionally sensitive and how intelligent you will be. By knowing these factors you will know if today is the best day for you to attempt that triathlon, go for that job interview, deal with a grieving friend, etc. Or you might find that it's best for you to stay away from some or all those things and take a day of rest.
Biorhythms begun in ancient China with the thought that ones emotions go thru cycles from the day they are born. They believed the connection to be with the sun, moon and plants. Thus creating graphical information with a 27 day cycle ( the suns full rotation ). This cylce would be able to show a person what days they would be at their most productive. Now a days the same concept is used but they also have connection with our energy field ( which can't be proven ) and its affect on our glands ( which we don't know because we can't prove our energy field ).
So how can we figure out our biorhythm? Well you can plug in your name and birth date in a cute little biorhythm calculator that you can find on google, or I am sure that an expert can do it for you at a charge. Once this is done some squiggly lines will show your ups and downs of your emotional, physical, and intellectual state. When the line is at a high point your emotional, physical and/or intellectual mood will be at its strongest and if the line is low you will know that day you will be weak. What is hard to believe about biorhythm is that a persons mood can not be measured, there is no way to know when a child is born the mood they will be in when they are 50. There are too many factors that determine how you are feeling, thus you can never predetermine how they will effect you. Another flaw about these graphs is that they can consequently coincide with a persons life. These graphs have high points that last a couple of days then a slow fall to a bottom then back up to the top, for instance when someone is sick they would be low for a little then slowly begin to get better. They kind of state the obvious, but can not be applied to everyones life to predetermine there mental and physical future.

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