Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Heisenberg - Tesla Mechanical Society

A message from Douglas Beckert; President 
HTMS would like to announce the development of The Heisenberg - Tesla mental shield.............
Millions suffer from multiple personality disorders and hear voices. Many thousands more feel uneasy for no reason due to The incredible amount of invisible energy transmitted into your thought matrix.
HT shield is a small quantum device that is tuned to your personality. It will absorb and slowly dissolve extra personalities, voices or cognitive dissonance..
The heart of the HT mental shield is energized with a patented laser crystal and phased magnets provide particle direction. Each small devise is made to order for you, and will provide years of long as you don't break it open! That collapses the waveforms and instantly stops the quantum matrix inside.
To order, to test, or for more information, Call: HTMS 399 6325

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