Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Did extraterrestrial life really visit earth?

Over thousands of years humans have recorded events that seem to suggest other worldly beings came down from the skies to visit earth. Earth has been around for over 831 billion years, who's to say that our ancestors have not been visited by extraterrestrial beings. Ancient theorist and Scientist point to the immense size of the universe and can see that other beings must exist somewhere else besides earth. The Egyptians were the smartest civilization among their time, they created huge statues and monuments that still stand until this very day. The question is where did they get the technology and the mathematics to create such enormous figures? One stone alone weighs 1 - 20 tons, the figures are over 481 feet tall and the perimeter of the pyramid divided by two times the height would equal to pi (3.1416...) up to the fifteenth digits . As advance as we are now we still do not have the technology to recreate these monuments as perfect as the Egyptians created it. The Egyptian hieroglyphics tell their history almost in complete detail however never do they mention the creation of these monuments. Is it because they did not create them? The ancient text in various cultures make it very clear that many of our achievements happened due to extraterrestrials that had arrived. The Egyptians talks about the sky opening up and bright light coming down to teach them wisdom. All religion suggest that god came from the sky and ascended the earth, however where did religion begin and why is it that "god" and "aliens" have alot of resemblance?

If you research our ancient history their are many artifacts and hieroglyphics in ancient civilizations throughout different cultures that our ancestors worship the sky, way back to the cavemen. Astronaut theorist site as evidence the major similarities of isolated cultures all over the planet. Many different cultures all built immense structure to honor other world beings. Why do so many ancient text seem to reference men flying in the sky. Why do the ancient Egyptians, Hopi Indians, and the Dogan Tribe of North Africa all believe there ancestors came from what we knew as the Constellation Sirius. The Egyptian pyramid were supposedly built to carry the corpse of the deceased Pharaohs, however scientist recently discovered that the three pyramids of Giza line up exactly to constellation of Orion's belt. David Childress, the author of " Technology of the Gods" discusses how aliens may be among us, in the bible it discusses how we are made in the likeliness of "god" and in all ancient religions there is one thing they all have in common and that is that one day "god" will return, however what if god is really an extraterrestial being? Their is evidence that suggest that it is possible that humans have been visited by extraterrestrials in the distant past and if we are to quick to discard that possibility then we might be shutting ourselves out from going farther then we have ever been.

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  1. I think that they just liked to draw strange things or their were some really ugly humans back then. I do not think that they actually met "ALIENS"