Monday, May 3, 2010

Is it okay to honk your horn while in a tunnel?

There has always been a myth that you should never honk your horn while driving through a tunnel. People fear that when honking your horn can cause such a disturbance to the tunnel and the walls of the tunnel can crack. Is this really true or is it just a fear of something going wrong while in a tunnel and there would be nowhere for you to go?
There is no truth behind the myth of honking your horn while in a tunnel. Nothing bad can happen to you, just a very annoying notion a person can do. Some people do it because of the echo it produces while others may do it just to be annoying to other drivers if they are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Others may do it to make their passengers laugh. No matter what the reason, people honk their horns in tunnels just to HONK!


  1. Honking can definalty pose a danger. Granted maybe not directly the honking itself, but distrations on the highway, espcially in tight traffic at high speeds such as tunnels. If someone startled or not paying attention, then who knows what will happen when a horn goes off.

  2. I can see the horn being a disturbance but the idea of destruction to the tunnel is insane. Imagine the loud trucks or cars with modified exhausts. They can ecco louder than many horns.

  3. I actually never heard of this superstition until this was posted. I believe it can cause some disturbance but physically damage the tunnel seems impossible. I Have heard that when you go through a tunnel if you hold your breath throughout the entire duration of the tunnel, a wish would come true. Probably just another tunnel superstition!