Monday, May 3, 2010


For years I have been under the assumption that lie detectors were extremely accurate. I feared not only that I would be exposed for some mistakes I made in my younger years but that I would fail solely out of anxiety. A lot of state and federal jobs utilize tools like the polygraph to determine you're ability to be employed by their agency. This had me in a pure panic, not because I am a bad person or a criminal but because I felt like it would make me feel guilty just being required to be administered it.

Professor Duntley put my mind at ease when he exposed the actual levels of accuracy this machine possesses. His guest appearance in our class conflicted with everything I've ever been told about the polygraph and it made me feel less apprehensive towards taking one. I personally feel the polygraph should not be used in hiring process just as graphology should not be used. It is simply another way for a good person to be denied a career or even freedom because of basic human anxieties.

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