Friday, May 21, 2010

Are Demons Real? Paranormal Activity Movie Clip

Demons are said to be spiritual concepts that have no existence and is not a physical being. Demons date back to biblical times and are still talked about in todays day and age. In the bible God portrayed demons as horrible spirits that posessed people and it was also said that people will go to one of two places, heaven with God and the angels or hell with the devil. Sinners who do not turn their soul over to the Lord supposedly go to hell and those that do, have a second chance at eternal life in heaven.

I do believe demons are real, maybe not as real as the demon portrayed in the movie Paranormal Activity however there are good and bad spirits. As stated in the bible, the devil was once an angel who got kicked out of heaven. Do we call murderers, rapists and sinners demons? sometimes, yes but there is only one person to judge and that is God. Growing up in a christian home, I was taught to believe in heaven and hell and also God and the devil. I have never experienced any paranormal activity or even felt like i was being chased by the devil...Do devils haunt certain types of people like in the Paranormal Activity movie or are they just a figment of our imagination? Demons may come in different forms among different cultures, but all believe they come and they come to bring evil.


  1. The Paranormal Activity movie was exaggerated to the extreme but I had a nightmare after watching it that night. I believe in spirits but it definitely can not be like that. I do not think there are demons and the Hollywood scene seems to make demons as a sort of fad. Now there are shows that make demons out to be real. There are bad people but not demons.

  2. Although most paranormal shows/movies are exaggerated, I believe that some of the stories are genuine. The question ‘are demons real?’ has always baffled me, though, but I do believe that they exist. I’ve heard that they are beings who have never physically existed on earth as humans – they are just evil entities. I wouldn’t even call them ghosts or spirits because they are not of human origin. Demons are apparently stronger than ghosts and can be brought into earth through ‘portals’ i.e. Ouija boards. It’s definitely scary to think what is amongst us that we can’t even see.

  3. I saw the movie Paranormal Activity. I was so scared after the movie that I told my sister to sleep over that night.