Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dont believe everything through the lense.

For centuries we have tried to explain our existence, everything from present and past life, the stars, planets, and even the paranormal. Our early ancestors believed in an afterlife and the belief that if we don’t properly commit to good in our life here we can be stuck in a limbo where no one can leave until wrongs are corrected. Events would happen with maybe someone seeing something and possibly hearing someone cry out for help or to get out but there was no way to prove any such thing. It was not until the camera was introduced that a lot more interesting photos have come to light with people speculating shadows, figures, and orbs floating in photographs.

During my short existence here I grew an understanding in something else beyond my knowledge existing out in the stars and skies. The problem that exists is that for the others that believe such things as well try to prove it daily. There are so many programs that are out there now from ghost hunters, ancient aliens, destination truth, and many more that try to prove ghosts existing by tricking the viewers into thinking something else is happening or that shadow wasn’t from there light but because something floating in a corner.

My first job was within retail and I focused on photography there. For 4 years I developed photos and took classes and grew knowledge on the topic and subject of photography. If there is one thing the job of a photo developer can teach you, it is that people not only take the strangest photos but also believe everything coming out of their photo. They cannot be so wrong. Techs within the process can damage film easily by opening the slit much more than needed causing an aurora of colors to show on your film. They can even not clean the rollers to develop the roll into a strip. This can lead to dust sticking onto the film. Even if film gets stuck some images from another roll can attach onto another picture causing the two to combine into one image with shadows appearing in it.

If I really wanted to write up possible mistakes the new guy/girl can make developing a roll I can be here all day. The bottom line is any of these mistakes can make that customer think there house is haunted or be in complete shock over what they see. People are completely gullible on the topic and I have had my fair share of believers doubting my understanding on photography thinking their dust is in fact a sprit stopping by to say something to them.

Recent year’s digital became the “New Wave” leading to more ridiculous photos being taken and developed digitally. This is actually due to Photoshop editing, over exposure on the shutter speed, and people not knowing how to use this new technology they spent $1500 to get.

The bottom line when it comes to photos and the explanations which can be determined its more probable that the roll of film was tampered with than someone taking a photo of a ghost. In my time developing I only had a handful I could not explain, actually 2 only two photos. Out of at least a couple million I developed.

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