Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10% of Our Brains

I have often heard the "fact" that humans only use 10% of their brains throughout my life. I heard it so often that i simply assumed it to be true. After reading this chapter however, i realize that this is not so, though i feel as though I have only been using 10% of my brain by believing this factoid.

The author demsonsrates the improbability of this myth by citing the study of brain damage, evolution, brain imaging research and the localization of function in the brain. All provide compelling evidence contrary to the 10% belief, such as the decreased function in a person when any part of their brain recieves damage and the usual effiency of evolution. (using 10% of the brain would bot be efficient at all)

I think that the reason this myth continues to be heard is the fact that, though we are capable of using much more than 10% of are brains, people don't seem to like doing it. I too was guilty of this lack of brain usage when i continually heard this myth and just believed it. It seems that many people take anyone other than themselves for an authority on virtually any subject, and will believe almost anything if enough people say it. So, the mere fact that this rumor persists is evidence that while it's apparently not true in a physical sense ( that only portions of the actual brain matter serve a function) it is true in another, people simply don't think.


  1. I have a different take on 10% usage. I believe people normally use 100% of their brain, but for some odd reason can only retain 10% of what they learned. I think about all the things I do during the day, which is a lot with work, school, homework, daily activities, but at the end of the night - I can't remember half of what I did - lol.

  2. I believe that the whole topic on how much brain power we actually use is highly debatable and nothing is sure. Although this is true, I do not believe the 10% theory at all. Alot of the evidence that the author uses to support his claim is legitimate and really shows how quick people are to believe falsehoods. I also believe that our brains are capable of alot more than we think, but maybe not as extreme as psychic powers.

  3. I have always heard of the 10% myth growing up and thought that it just did not make any sense. Even if we do not use our brains "to our true potential", I believe we are still going at more than just 10%. Just as the author had pointed out, it is true that with traumatic brain injuries and with the study of evolutionary sciences, to say that we only use 10% of our brains is ridiculous. It was interesting to be able to read scientific information that straightened out the real facts about our brains.