Thursday, May 27, 2010

Talking with the animals

Can people actually talk to pets? Sonya Fitzpatrick the self proclaimed pet psychic from the Animal Planet's series "The Pet Psychic" believes that she has the ability to speak to a variety of pets. The series "The Pet Psychic" has a large fan base and many viewers are convinced that Sonya Fitzpatrick can actually speak to animals. A veterinarian who was visited by Sonya Fitzpatrick and was amazed. "I was the biggest skeptic. I thought how do I explain this to my colleagues, but there is something there. I can't explain it. Sonya said things that she wouldn't have known otherwise. We went out of our way." Lee the veterinarian said.
Cam only one person have the ability to discover what an animal or a human being is thinking? Research shows that there is not proven data that a person can read an other's thoughts, let alone the thoughts of animals.
Sonya Fitzpatrick described a cat named Zelda owned by a 18-year-old girl name Cori without supposedly seeing the cat first. Perhaps Fitzpartick guessed the cat's appearance or maybe she snuck a glimpse. Sonya Fitzpatrick visited the Cobridge family's pet lynx and the lynx supposedly told her that it "would not hurt her, but it would swat at her". There can be no evidence that the lynx actually spoke to Sonya Fitzpatrick. It may be a coincidence that the lynx swated at the exact same moment that Fitzpatrick mentioned it would, or maybe it is just magic for the television cameras. Fitzpatrick claims to "become the animal." She also decribes that the reason she can talk to animals as "an energy that flows between her and the animal via the Earth's magnetic field."
If the animals could talk I believe that they would think that Sonya Fitzpatrick's show may just be another gimick.
By Lauren Raddi


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