Monday, May 3, 2010

Graphology: I write who I am

I decided to take a look at the link posted at the end of our graphology lecture to see what it said about me. The first part asked me about my signature. I was slightly confused by the scale they gave me in the questions. The first question was looking at my signature in comparison to the rest of my handwriting with a scale of "tiny" but with 3 choices away from "generally the same" and another three circles to pick from for "huge". And then of course "varies", but with one circle to chose from for that one. It could vary on the large side, or the small side, but I guess that doesn't matter.

Next it asked about slope, giving me "wayup" (what?) with 3 circles, "waydown" (again...what?) with 3 circles, "level", but this time it was "varies a bit" or "varies a LOT!" as opposed to just "varies".

There was also a section that talked about people mixing cursive and printing, which I know some people to do; however, when it came time for me to fill in the bubble, I noticed it had an area for CAPS, which deviated from the question completely. If you chose "printing MOSTLY" CAPS or "printing NEARLY ALL" CAPS (difference???) you could not chose between cursive and printing, which was the actual question.

A bit discourage by the odd scale system this test had, I was interested to see this bit at the bottom of the page, "last thing: Handwriting is completely different from Astrology, and yet there are some common traits in handwriting which parallel certain other common references in Astrology & Astrological Studies. Would you like to be informed of Astrological Parallels in your hand?" Of course I chose yes. Who knew?

My results for my personality were: You like to keep life in perspective and have a fairly straightforward way of viewing yourself and others. To you, Life is neither a stage nor a tragedy play! You are fairly comfortable with who you are and your family. Its likely that you enjoy throwing a good party, and just don't like being cooped up all evening. And once Friday afternoon comes, you're probably often right ready to bolt out to find the weekend's next social event! Hmmm... So you like to be one person out in the world and another person in the privacy of your own space, eh? Interesting. Does that also mean that you have multiple personalities? (Probably not but then... who knows!? You could be a hard one to figure out! ;-) Lone Rangers often keep a bit of distance between themselves and others. Do you ever hear people define Jess as a Lone Ranger? Or is it that you're more of what some might define as "a creative force of the next generation!" Either way, you don't mind straying from that straight and narrow path, shall we say, so you get good marks for originality! I guess that you must be something of a sentimentalist, eh? Do people ever say, "Oh, yeah: Jess can really be an old softie sometimes! A real kind soul." But then, this can get you into trouble sometimes, too, though, because you can have a difficult time saying "No!" and can feel guilty for not being All things to All People!!Although there are aspects of you which have that conservative hesitance to risk, you tend to move often in the direction of ALMOST getting out there!

So I am a party animal, a social butterfly...but I'm a Lone Ranger? The rest of it, I don't even know. It is kind of all over the place.

As for the Astrological section: And you know, you might have a bit of a strong calling as a Gemini, since you like to mix yourself selectively with different versions for different moods! You may well be a Cancer astrologically, or have Cancer figuring pretty strong somewhere in your chart. Because you've got that nurturing sentimentalist which seems to be there in your handwriting, and likely reflected in your stars. What do you know about what's at the top of your chart? Perhaps a strong Water Sign?

They got the Cancer right, but it was not really clear if they guessed I was. In order to avoid pinning me down wrong, it was "I may well be a Cancer or have Cancer figurig pretty strong" somewhere in my chart. A lucky guess, but with the small amount of questions they asked, I don't see how they could figure out I am a "nurturing sentimentalist" My handwriting was "flat", "round" (how is it both??) and "slanted to the right

All in all, it is safe to say this is just nonsense.

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  1. This post made me laugh. I felt like your "reading" was something right out of Cosmopolitan magazine. It seems rather ridiculous that the question about your handwriting basically left no in between to describe how your handwriting really is but instead you needed to conform to their set of answers to help them place you in one of their already made up personality inventories. Its a scary thing to think that people actually believe this stuff, and because of it, you may not get the next job you apply for.