Friday, May 21, 2010

Pop Rocks and Cola?
According to this website, these adored candy pieces were invented way back in 1956 by a General Foods research scientist named William Mitchell and hit the markets near 1975. It was clear why children would love these treats, not only were they tasty but fun! Really who would not be able to enjoy the concept of candy making sizzling and fizzing sounds due to the large amounts of carbonation? Despite the large amount of success Pop Rocks had among the public, rumors spread like wildflowers that they were unsafe and dangerous. One of the biggest started all the way back in 1976 and yet still heard today is that mixing Pop Rocks and Cola will cause your stomach to explode! Parents have warned children of the dangerous side effects of Pop Rocks ever since the rumor of the "death" of the beloved kid, Mikey, formally known as doing LIFE cereal commercials.

Common sense could explain that there could not be in explosion in your stomach from child's candy however, there have been a few people that were willing to test this pseudoscience phenomenon. Conclusions were drawn by rumors alone, there was not any scientific date proven to help with the alarmed parents from these ideas. The psychology behind this bogus claim deals with the base of fear and rumors. This is why it is extremely necessary for anything to be proven true, needs to undergo numerous tests, experiments, and peer reviewed data and then come up with a proven fact versus just a legend or rumor based from "fake" science.

When tested, other than burps with a little bloat, you will survive what many thought could kill you. This video shows someone trying out this example of pure pseudoscience...would you care to try too?


  1. When I was ten I was told if I drank soda and ate pop rocks that I would die. My friend said it was impossible and she said she would pay me .25 to do it. When I did it nothing happened but a stomach ache. I never did get my money either. I felt like a fool to believe such silly stories but there are grown adults who believe such things.

  2. I remember being told the same thing when i was a kid. I didn't think it was true but I never wanted to try it either.