Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are our lives really planned out?

Astrology is one of the oldest, religious ideas and concepts known still used today. For nearly 2000 years, it was believed that your whole life would be planned out for you at birth. Simply by the position of the moon, sun, planets, and Zodiac your entire personality, temper, and even as much of who your mate should be in life is predetermined.

Astrology is still used today. There are many people who believe is using astrology such as reading their horoscope daily. It remains popular despite their controversies. Newspapers still hold a section in their newspapers, restaurant menus,books, Internet search engines such as yahoo, daily apps on IPhone all accept astrology. Clearly if there was not a demand astrology believe would not have lasted as long as it has. There are many people that like the idea that you can somehow make sense or explain why they had the day that they did or if they need encouragement for the next day, some want to believe in the higher power. Psychologically, this may be some of the reasons of why astrology hung around for so long.

Since there are no scientific evidence that astrology does work, it is not a real science but rather in the category of pseudoscience. Experiments would be necessary to make a claim that astrology theories actually are true which would be impossible to perform. Relationships between these claims with people's personalities and traits and temperament, however, there has not been any significant relationships found true.

Regardless of the truth behind astrology, I admit that once in a while I like to read my horoscope and I have felt a little excited when I read that something good is about the come my way. Here is a link to check out your own horoscope...good luck :)

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