Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Einstein: Leave your baby in front of the TV, and they will become smarter!

The Mozart Effect has stemmed a lot of interesting products. As we all know from class, this "effect" has absolutely not effect at all. This does not stop anyone from using the study as its claim, though. I found this link, aimed for parents, about all the studies produced after the original study for the Mozart Effect. There are a lot of studies there, most which have not found significant results. But who really thinks a good majority of people know how to read through a study the way psychology students do? How many parents really took classes in college that allowed them to become properly educated on what makes a good study and what results are significant?

Sites like the one I listed only seem to confirm to the average person that the Mozart Effect is indeed valid. Since most people don't know any better, and are going by what they hear, they buy into products like Baby Einstein. I took Developmental Psychology a year or so ago, and I remember my professor showing us a clip of what Baby Einstein consists of. Nothing. Shapes, colors, random flashes. If anything, it is prepping your child to have ADD or ADHD by the lack of consistent images, and constant flashing and fast-pace. Yet, somehow, parents are tricked into thinking this branches off of the supposedly significant findings of the Mozart Effect (the makers of Baby Einstein have music CDs as well).

It is silly to think a baby will become smarter because it is listening to music or watching "Baby Einstein" on TV. Since when was TV helping children? An interest group finally caught way of Baby Einstein, and Disney is now offering a "recall" to anyone who purchased a Baby Einstein DVD between certain qualifying periods. While this seems like a step in the right direction, you know, letting parents know their child will not become smarter by watching a circle float across the screen, Disney, in an effort to maintain their claims, have only offered the "recall" to be exchanged for their other products. So since watching TV isn't exactly the best for your child, and they accept this, they are allowing you to get a music CD instead because that will really boost their IQ.

Saddening to see Disney will still not accept the facts, but with some light shining upon these DVDs, perhaps parents will be more persuaded to do some research for themselves and decide to stop looking for miracle ways to make their children intelligent.


  1. you know there are some studies about the claims of baby Einstein, and i think some lawsuits.
    also TV taught my daughter to count to ten, so there.

  2. I always thought, before starting this course that kids who listened to music or learned to play at an early age were smarter. I do believe that music helps expand your mind more creatively and makes you focus more. However reading the book and this post, it is clear to say that music will not make your IQ level go up. Great post!

  3. I always felt guilty if I had something on t.v. for my children and it wasn't educational, now I won't worry so much! But I must say I did play all that stuff for my daughter she is two and she is really advanced, but I think I do the same for my younger daughter, who is 1, and I don't think that she is as quick as my first yet. It just shows that every kid learns at their own pace.