Friday, May 21, 2010

Broken mirror: 7 years of bad luck??

How many people have heard about the superstition that breaking a mirror
can cause seven years of bad luck? How many people still mention it when they know someone who breaks a mirror or they break a mirror themselves? This superstition dates back to the Roman Empire in which Romans were the first to create glass. This superstition was passed down to other cultures at the time including Africans, Greek and Chinese. They believed that the mirror was a reflection of the person and captures the soul and when the mirror was broken, the persons soul became corrupted. It is said that if you break a mirror you should bury the pieces and avoid touching the glass itself.
Many traditions, customs and beliefs have been passed down from earlier humans and while there are some firm believers in superstitions and myths, others dont. Im quite sure everyone has broken a mirror at some point in their life. Has anyone experienced bad luck afterwards? I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything happening. Lets say you break a mirror then lose your job, maybe something better is about to come along so the loss cannot be totally blamed on a broken mirror.
The experience of bad occurences may be blamed on the mirror, but it could all just simply be a mind game. The more thought you put into something, the more life you give it. If you worry and dwell on something that happened, everything after that event will then be related to that event. I disagree that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck, I dont believe there is any evidence that can stroingly support this claim so therefore, it shall remain a myth.


  1. I enjoyed your post because I can completely relate to everyone still today using that phrase. It was interesting to find out how far back that this concept arised. Glad to know though that there is not any evidence that it has any truth behind it because I'm pretty sure I would still have about 14 years of bad luck!

  2. I broke a mirror once because I was mad and threw my alarm clock at my full length mirror. My immediate thought was I was going to get seven years of bad luck because my mom used to preach that to me. I would have to say bad things did happen to me but bad things happen to everyone. I believe the broken mirror had nothing to do with my bad luck during the years.

  3. I think that every child as they were growing up heard this phrase at least once. I don't believe that if you brake a mirror that you will have bad luck for seven years. Can you even imagine having back luck for seven years.

    I believe that when this phrase first come around someone probably broke a mirror or glass and by coincidence something bad happened to them. When things are going bad in someone life they win blame anything and anyone but themselves, sometimes there's bumps in the road, doesnt mean its because of a broken mirror. I should be careful though of what I'm saying, because i might get bad luck myself, "KNOCK ON WOOD!!!"

  4. The whole 7 years bad luck is probably one of the most common myths, along with don't like a black cat cross your path and don't walk under a ladder. As if everyone didn't have enough things to worry about?

  5. Breaking a mirror has always been a serious terror of mine. I remember just recently buying a body mirror at target and before I even had the chance to hang it up in my room it dropped and broke into 100 pieces. I was scared for the entire week I was precautious with everything I said or did.

  6. what if i came out the shower & i pass by a mirrow and it falls right after i pass by it asson as im in my room, what does that means ??