Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Cake Time!

How many people can blow out your birthday candles in one puff of air? Most people believe that the wish will come true if you can. Others may not even know why they are blowing their candles out because it is just the way they were taught. Where did this tradition come from? The Food Network had an episode on cakes and the history and traditions surrounding them.

I learned that this tradition is a very old one. Priests that gathered around the alter would burn incense and they believed that the prayers of the Israelites would be carried up to the throne of God by the smoke coming from the incense. Today, our tradition believes that if you blow out your candles in one puff of air our silent wish will come true. I once wished that I would get to go to Tunnels of Fun and I never did get to go there.

Of course, there is no scientific proof that the good luck we wished for is actually going to come true because we blew out our candles in one puff of air on our last birthday. You can not test this belief because it is not testable so for right now it remains a believable tradition and I will mark it in the pseudoscience category.

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