Friday, May 21, 2010

The Q Ray Braclet: Myth or Reality

The Q Ray braclet is a braclet that has been said to relieve pain, promote a better mood, a better well-being and also to give good luck. The Q Ray braclet has also been said to restore energy, improve muscle flexibility and performance. It releases positive and negative ions throught the body is based on principles that are more than 2000 years old. The Q Ray braclet has been compared to Ancient Chinese Acupuncture and with promises of better health and performance, consumers are willing to pay top dollars for something that may not really work.

A study was done in which participants were randomly given braclets, one was a real Q Ray braclet and one was a placebo. After the study was complete the researchers found that the relationship between the two sets of participants had a positive correlation in the decrease of pain, however was insignificant because they Q Ray braclet ultimately had the same effect that the placebo braclet did. In the article link above, the author states that people who believe in the powers of the braclet are the only one who see the effects of the braclet. The actual "powers" of the QRay braclet have been proven to be irrational and ineffective through scientific testing. So is it a mind thing? Do people really see and feel the effects that the Q ray braclet offers or is the just another myth?

I disagree that an ionized braclet can have effects on a persons health, mind or body. I feel as if this is just another scandal that promises something and ultimately doesnt deliver anything but unsatisfied customers. People are willing to spend money to test new products and to actuallyt see if they work, but with the upset of no results one could become depressed. This is just another "try me" scam which was said to be a fraud and the company was eventually ordered to repay millions of dollars in damages.

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  1. After reading about this story in the book and seeing the you tube clips I felt bad for the suckers who fell for this. When someone is in dire need of a solution sometimes they do not think clearly. I believe the mind body connection is powerful and a positive outlook on a bad situation can do wonders. It was not the bracelet that did anything for these people, it was their belief in themselves that they would get better.