Wednesday, August 4, 2021

What if: 100% of our brain

  Our brain is only being 10% used, there has been many articles of scientists trying to create a human with the brain capacity of 100%. With our brain being used at 100% it hasn't been proven to know what we would be capable of doing. What if our brain when used at 100% can read minds, learn 6 languages in one minute, read 5 books in an hour. These things are all things we think about, what if. Everyone wishes to be smarter, just like the next guy. It's not impossible to be smarter than the next guy, but it is impossible to use 100% of our brain. In order to use that much, one would have to have a bigger brain to start. You can't grow a bigger brain because your brain is there to fit your body. In comparison to a human brain and a whales brain, the whales brain is 5 times larger, but a whales body is what bigger which shows to need more processing power. Our body and mind is smaller, which is why we don't need that much processing power as a whale does. There is a movie called "Lucy" that is dedicated to the impossible of using 28% of your brain. This movie shows how the brain is so powerful, when using only 18% more than usual, you can have the powers to fight, hack any computer, and have the knowledge that you never knew before. Imagine using 100%, if only 18% more can do that, no one knows how much 100% can do to you. 

Check out this video:

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  1. I did a post about using more than 10% of the brain as well due to my curiosity about the ins and outs of brain function and ability. I am also very interested to see if humans are capable of creating a person with a brain capacity of 100%. The topic excites me. It does not come without dangers, however. We have no idea what may happen, and results could vary widely. This person could take over the world, solve global warming, guess nuclear launch codes, even come up with the cure for cancer. We simply do not know, and likely in our lifetime never will get to know. Great post on an interesting topic!