Sunday, August 8, 2021

Blog Post 3: Chupacabras and Big Foot

 The thought of mysterious creatures like the Chupacabra and Bigfoot are extremely interesting to me. The Chupacabra originated in 1975 in Puerto Rico. It is a very interesting creature due to what it does to its victims, it drains their blood and scoops out chunks of their flesh. People know little about what they look like but residents have claimed to hear flapping and screeches. Police have blamed these attacks on things such as other deranged humans, snakes, and vampire bats. I personally don't think any of those three things would completely suck another animals blood, so I definitely think there is some mysterious creature out there that we do not know much about. The Chupacabra was also named the goatsucker due to it sucking all the blood out of animals. Scientists also found that these Chupacabra smell like sulfur which is very interesting and unique. They have been connected to Xolo dogs by some veterinarians. Another mysterious creature is Bigfoot. People think they have been seeing Bigfoot since the 1800s. The first North American record of Bigfoot was 1811. Bigfoot did not get the name Bigfoot until 1958. In 1967 a video of Bigfoot was released but people believe it was just a actor walking funny in a costume. I also believe this clip it just a person in a costume due to the fact that it is during the dog and the creature is completely relaxed walking around, I find it strange. It has also be thought that Bigfoot and UFO might be related. This is be crazy because those are two things be are also so curious about. Hopefully more information about these creatures are found, because I would love to learn more about them. 

Here is the video of Bigfoot walking

Bigfoot caught on tape (Patterson footage stabilized)

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  1. Gloria,

    Your post was great and very fun to read about. The video of Bigfoot was really interesting and I also find mysterious creatures such as the Chupacabra and Bigfoot fascinating.