Monday, August 9, 2021

Book Report: Factfulness



The book "Factfulness" is an interesting book that talks about how people have wrong concepts about the world. As he writes in the book he will give us ten reasons why we’re wrong about the world and why things are better than we think. The author, Hans Rowling, explain how we all have 10 instinct that distorts our vision of the world. With these instincts, we tend to exaggerate and view the world as more dramatic, more violent, and poorer. 

The 10 distinct are:


  1. The gap instinct: this instinct is basically that we divided everything into two instincts.
  2. The negative instinct: this instinct describes how we tend to notice more the bad than the good on every occasion. 
  3. The straight line instinct: explains that people often assume that a line will just continue straight ignoring that it’s not always the case. 
  4. The fear instinct: this instinct is basically paying attention to things that frighten us.
  5. The size instinct: this instinct means that we have the tendency to get things out of proportion.
  6. The generalization instinct: this instinct is about our tendency to mistakenly group things or people together, thinking that they can be similar when in reality they are completely different.
  7. The destiny instinct: This instinct is the idea that things are as they are and that we can not control the destiny of people, countries, religion and etc.
  8. The single perspective: This instinct is about the tendency people have on a single perspective of understanding the world.
  9. The blame instinct: This instinct is about finding a reason why something went bad or something bad happened.
  10. The urgency instinct: this instinct is about our tendency to take action when we perceived danger.


In conclusion, this book gives you a completely different way to see the world because it opens your eyes to see the reality in which we live. I’ve found myself getting a lot of the questions on the book wrong. As Rowling says in the book, we have been consumed by the old news the media portrait and I'm guilty myself. After reading this book, I will be more aware of what I'm hearing or reading, I'll have more critical thinking about bad news. I ended up this book satisfy of knowing that the world is not as bad as I thought it was. 


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