Sunday, August 8, 2021

blog post 3 Jersey Devil

 The lecture entitled “Jersey Devil” discussed the Jersey Devil and other myths about creatures and monsters such the “Bigfoot” and “Chupacabra's.”  There have been many stories about the Jersey Devil over many years and how it has body parts of many different animals but was birthed from a human woman who wished for her thirteenth child to be the devil.  I have lived in Southern New Jersey all my life and have grown up hearing many stories and even people saying that they have seen it.  I think part of me does believe that it could exist because I have been hearing about it for so long.  In the lecture the one film shared a story that two kids heard something coming from their cellar like scratches and a lot of noises.  Their dad went down there and saw a mess, Christmas decorations broken and everywhere and he was shook up because the only way anything could down there was through the cellar coal shoot so it would have to be able to fly to get out, I truly think this man believed the Jersey Devil had been in his childhood home.  Whether this was just a bird or not we cannot tell but if I slow down and use my scientific brain I would tend to believe that it was some type of typical animal in his basement.  The same holds true for the other legends in the PowerPoint, more than likely people are seeing animals that science knows about and in their fear creating some type of legend that or they are seeing a fake.  Again I think people want to believe these stories because they are fun and entertaing and because they want to believe in something else besides their human life on earth.    

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