Thursday, August 5, 2021

Blog Post #1: Past Life Hypnotic Regression

Past Life Hypnotic Regression

One of the pieces of content we covered in this class is past-life hypnotic regression. Prior to reading Lecture #9, I was reading a book called “Many lives, many masters” by Brian Weiss. The author is a psychiatrist who discovers past life therapy through treating a patient named Catherine. Catherine was living a life with many phobias which she didn’t know where they came from, in the book we discover those phobias were coming from past lives. Throughout the book, Weiss tells how Catherine was having vivid memories of past lives in their sessions. “He writes that during one of their sessions, Catherine regressed back to a time before she was born, recounting a past life as an 18-year-old girl name Aronda from the year 1863 B.C.” (OWN, 2020). While they were continuing their sessions an explanation for her phobias was found and the reason was they were created because of situations she experienced in her past lives. Every session she discovered she was healing from her phobias and was not afraid or anxious anymore.


When I was reading the class lecture, the first thing it came to my mind was this book because it was the first time I heard of this technique. While reading the story I was really impressed by the new perspective of life this book was giving me, I researched this topic back then and now, and there is no real proof this technique works. “It is more likely that instead of re-living actual past lives, you are imagining (sometimes vividly) something that is being suggested, or that you would like to imagine” (The Hypnotherapy Practice Edinburgh, 2019) In the meantime, there is news about people who have found a cure to their phobias with hypnotic regression but "this may be because the client starts to feel different as they imagine themselves as someone else" (The Hypnotherapy Practice Edinburgh, 2019). In my perspective, it's difficult to believe in this technique without a deep study in the subject but it was interesting to get a different point of view of life. 



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