Sunday, August 1, 2021

Post 3: Graphology

    Graphology, the study of one’s handwriting to determine their personality, is truly an intriguing topic. I had never heard of graphology prior to taking this class but it certainly piqued my interest when reviewing the lectures. I can understand the appeal behind this particular study for it is fascinating to think specific characteristics within our handwriting can illuminate aspects of our personality. If the claims of graphology were true, this would be a fascinating concept and a powerful tool. It still surprises me that people believe this to be a true, effective method in determining another’s personality so much so that corporations throughout the world rely on this method to make personnel decisions. I personally find this to be asinine using graphology as a factor in determining the eligibility of a potential employee. There are plenty of other methods in making such a determination, methods that are far more effective than relying on graphology. I feel it is important for corporations to eliminate using graphology and focus more on other methods, such as psychological tests, to determine whether a job candidate would be suitable for the position.  

For fun, I did analyze my own handwriting with the help of the website provided below and the analysis was fairly accurate in determining my personality. How interesting! Try it out!

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