Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Subliminal messages

  A sneaky technique, a clever one, a very distasteful one at that. This technique is called subliminal messaging, mostly used in the business world for advertisements, tv shows, and movies to lure people in. How you may ask, this how, these messages are insufficiently intense messages used to produce discrete sensation by influencing one's mental process or behavior. Many business find the subliminal messages to sell more product when using this technique. The biggest businesses to use this are soda companies, for example coca a cola, the shape of the bottle is deistically recognizable, with all the curves, it signifies the curves of a women. Amazons logo as well, the smiling shaped arrow pointing from A to Z to show that they have all of the products from A through Z. Although these a petty subliminal messages, there are subliminal messages that work your insecurities and mental health to make you buy the product. Social media is greatly drawn to subliminal messaging as well, ads or posts are created by influencers to give their fans or viewers a message. For example, an influencer advertising a product for weight loss, once you see that product once and it already is lodged in your mind it will start to appear more, making the viewers think "oh because that influencer is doing it i should to". These subliminal messages are making business richer while us viewers poorer. 


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  1. When it comes to the advertisements and logos of today, it really does take a closer look to see subliminal messages that tend to be missed a lot. This is due to our minds logging it subconsciously, but not acknowledging it consciously. I really like that you included the example of with the “arrow from the A to Z,” to account for the thousands upon thousands of products to choose from. Another example I thought of was the McDonald’s logo. There isn’t a direct subliminal message, I suppose the Golden Arches do kind of look like French fries, but the color combinations of red and yellow are meant to increase your appetite and encourage you to buy some food. So there is an emphasis on companies ensuring that we buy their products, merchandise, and etc. by stimulating our senses and coaxing us into buying things we may not necessarily need. It is a very interesting concept, and it makes me think about how much money companies make based off of selling products due to marketing alone. It is something to think about.