Sunday, August 8, 2021

Blog Post 2: Graphology

I found the use of graphology to determine specific personality traits very interesting. I think the ability to look at such a small every day thing in such detail to determine personality traits is incredible. Everyone has different handwriting so there are so many different characteristics to determine. Some of the main categories of characteristics are word and letter spacing, writing slant, pressure on the page, and letter size. Some examples are that people who write with wide letter spacing usually are isolated or lonely, while crowded words indicate being desperate for companionship. Also people that have big handwriting tend to be confident and big thinkers while people with small handwriting are normally shy and studious. Using handwriting to detmeurine personality traits begin in the 17th century which is crazy to think about how long we have been using handwriting as a tool. The most popular way to determine personality is strokes. Strokes can be even, uneven, angular, or rounded. Other traits can be determine with letter characteristics such as unequal height, cramped, connected, etc. Decisions in the workforce can be made with the use of graphology. Certain graphology might be believed to be better than others and that can be used to determine if a person receives a job or not. It is used in many countries and the usage is growing. There was a study done in 1992 that determined that graphology is the least effective way to make a decision about someone in the work force. Chooses a person based off of graphology could actually really hurt a company financially. With this information I think companies should not use graphology to determine someone for a job. When I think about my handwriting I do think a lot of the personality traits associated with it are accurate. For example, I have big handwriting which makes sense because I am a pretty loud outgoing person.

What your handwriting and signature says about you, according to a  graphologist | The Independent

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  1. Graphology is definitely an interesting concept. To me, it seems like one of those things where you can't prove it is 100% accurate and real, but also can't prove it is 100% wrong or fake. It is cool to think about how something as basic and fundamental as handwriting could potentially have a set of rules and patterns that we do not even think about. I wonder if there is more potential for graphology in the future using machine learning or AI software. Even if there is no potential, machine learning and AI software focused on graphology could teach us a lot about why we write the way we do.