Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Blog Post 2: Twin Telepathy

     Telepathy is an interesting in concept, but is something that in reality likely would not exist.  We, as humans, only use 10% of our brains at any given time.  This is all that we are capable of doing.  What happens when we use more than that 10%?  There isn't a person that could tell you.  The ability to read minds out communicate using our minds, however, is something that some who dig into using more than 10% of the brain believe that we could do.

    One of the most mainstream forms of telepathy and most widely seen examples is twin telepathy.  Twins will claim that because they developed together in the womb that they can feel and think what the other twin is thinking without any physical notions or indicators.  While being simply impossible and likely more of a shared personality kind of thing, the concept is still very interesting.  If this telepathic form of communication was truly telepathic, what if we as a species could figure out how to harness it and bring it to the every day person?  The possibilities are endless with a form of communication such as this. This presents a big question: do twins have an ability to use more of their brain than every day people or does telepathy rely on some sort of outside factor that could potentially be more scientifically backed?  I would have to say there is an outside factor, just because the odds of two people who developed together in the womb possessing more brainpower than a person who'd developed by themselves are very slim.  The potential connection makes sense, but in my opinion it would not scientifically.  I hope in the very near future more scientists revisit this twin telepathy topic as it is very interesting and I would love to learn more about it!

Here is a very interesting article about the concept of twin telepathy:


  1. Hey Shane,
    The concept of twin telepathy is very fascinating to me, too. When it comes to identical twins and fraternal twins, they typically share the same or similar DNA, so I can see how the pseudoscientific explanation of a “sixth sense” and psychic connections could tie into that. Twins also tend to spend a lot of time together growing up, so a more scientific explanation for that connection could be an increased awareness of one another through body language, and being more connected than a typical sibling bond. Thank you so much for sharing this post and I will definitely do more research on this topic later. I hope you have a good night!

  2. Hey Shane, The concept of twins and twin telepathy also really interest me, I think about some twin studies that looked at twins separated at birth and lived in different environments to see what was more effective in development, nature or nurture. However I think i remember although the twins lives were very similar it was also just coincidence and obviously its a mix of both nature and nurture it still fascinated me as to how twins grow up without the other and how that effects what influences them as they grow up