Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Blog Post 1: Mythical Creatures

  Mythical creatures, such as the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, and the Chupacabra, have always fascinated me since I was a child.  The thought that these creatures may be out in the wild and have managed to avoid human contact so well for so long blows my mind.  While the various different types of creatures may have differing levels of authenticity, there have been sightings of all of them throughout human history.  Although a clear hoax, it was wild to read that the Jersey Devil had been sighted so closer to out university one time!

    The two that interest me the most, however, are Bigfoot and the Chupacabra.  I knew what a Bigfoot was generally speaking, and I knew what it is supposed too look like, but I did not know that the term "Sasquatch" actually embodied many different creatures that resemble the modern day Bigfoot in order to bring those who have recorded sightings together.  Bigfoot also being connected to different UFO sightings is also something I had never heard about, but would be something I would be interested in finding out.  The Chupacabra, to me, is the most realistic creature that could be out in the wild today.  I have a cousin who attended Arizona State University and lives out there to this day and swears up and down that the Chupacabra is real.  There is also undeniable evidence that in my opinion cannot be faked, particularly the animals found on farms in the southwest completely drained of blood.  The Chupacabra is a big mystery to me and one that has drawn my attention over the last few years, and whether or not the Chupacabra exists or it is simply a case of mistreated Xolo dogs as stated in the powerpoint is something we may hopefully find. conclusion on soon.

Here is a comparison between the Xolo dog and a picture of an alleged Chupacabra.  What do you think?Houston 'chupacabra' sighting could be real animal purposely bred
Are Xoloitzcuintles Dogs Hypoallergenic? — The Honest Truth! |  Hypoallergenic Dog


  1. Shane,

    I too have been interested in such things. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I have always been curious when I have heard sounds in the wilderness late at night. The longer I have spent in the forests and woods, the more knowledge I have gained about some of the animals, the sounds they make and their behaviors. Although, I do find it interesting that the bigfoot myths have been handed down and recorded in many of the ancestral records of the Chickasaw, Sioux, Cheyenne and Choctaw nations (just to name a few). I have a friend that spent a whole summer/fall season in the Pacific North woods and claimed that a Bigfoot Creature came into his sleeping area one night. Although he didn't see the creature, he said it was so close that he could smell it and hear it's heavy breathing, followed by it's pouncing footsteps as it entered and left from his sleeping area. He was actually sleeping in a hollowed out Sequoyah tree, which was obstructing both his view and the creatures view from revealing themselves to one another. He said that he had never been so frightened in his life. Was it an actual Bigfoot or perhaps a bear in search for its last meal before going into hibernation? We'll never know. Continue to be curious :)

  2. Hi Shane, mythical creatures and cryptozoology have always fascinated me as well, and one creature that I have been particularly curious about is the Mokele-mbembe, also known as the Congo Dinosaur. Some people claim that in the deep jungles of the Congo a dinosaur like creature exists but is in areas that are so remote that it has remained undisturbed by humans. I personally believe that the story is based on people mistaking elephants or black rhinos for something they are not but there are many people that believe it is real and it is very interesting to read and watch videos about.

  3. Hi Shane, great job on your post. I also am very fascinated by mythical creatures. Having grown up in South Jersey I have heard about the jersey devil ever since I was a kid, we even had to do a project on it in my fourth grade class. I like your input on the fact that if these animals are real the fact that they have never been found by humans is crazy in itself. All of the information on possible Bigfoot sighting are so interesting, I like how touched on the Bigfoot sighting that could be connected to a UFO. These animals are all so interesting and I can wait to see more stuff that comes out about all of them.