Sunday, August 1, 2021

availability cascade and gun control

 In todays society it is very rare that we ever see news outlets ever reporting on happy or uplifting events and topics. In Lou of recent events over the past year, the media outlets have focused a lot on gun violence, police brutality, and gun control. The more that something is spoken about and reported on in a negative light the more it becomes a worry of the people, creating a negative feedback loop. This then sparks movements by politicians to have the upper hand and use these fears to their advantage whether it be in the best interest of the people or just for their own personal gain. 

Over the last decade gun control has been something that frequents the senate and house floor and the debate stage during election season. We now find ourself trying to balance the rights guaranteed by the second amendment and guns being in the hands of unhinged individuals (Jacobs). This negative feedback loop has caused many to focus on the negative impact of firearms and look past the benefits that come along with having the ability to own and use one. Strengthening laws surrounding the possession of firearms will only strip the guns from the honest folks hands, while the criminals and unhinged individuals will continue to get their hands on weapons if they want them through black market trade, and smuggling. This then will leave the honest Americans vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from those who don't currently and may never, abide by the laws set in place.

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