Saturday, August 7, 2021

DMT and Aliens

    "DMT is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family that resembles the basic structure of neurotransmitters and causes powerful hallucinations. It is popularly known for producing the same chemical reaction that is said to happen when you die and in smaller amounts while you dream. The hallucinations that result are markedly different than those produced by any other drug".- 

    This drug fascinates me in a lot of ways, specifically the fact that DMT is naturally occurring in all of our brains since the day we are born, it is part of being human and it is still not very well understood. I have herd many stories online of people taking DMT and having extremely similar situations unfold where they see and speak with what look like alien beings. "A shockingly large percentage of DMT users, including many scientists, have reported experiencing or communicating with aliens or extra-dimensional entities while on the drug".- 

    I would like to see more studies done how the connection between DMT and contact with other beings, as crazy as it sounds there may be something there.  

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  1. DMT is definitely an interesting compound. I also heard about DMT online, and it raises some possibilities regarding the nature of the human brain. You are correct when you say that people claim they have talked to aliens, God, Satan, etc. after a DMT experience, which makes me wonder two things. Possibility 1: There is more to the brain than we think, in terms of imagination and the brains ability to create 'false' experiences. If this is true it makes me wonder about the potential for the future of neuroscience. We know the brain is powerful, but just how powerful is up for debate. If drugs like DMT can create an experience that feels real and leaves a profound effect on the user, are there other drugs that we don't yet know about that can achieve a similar result? Possibility 2: When under the effect of certain substances like DMT, the brain can act as 'node' between unexplainable forces in the universe, where you can take in stimuli that you normally cannot detect and experience. This may sound vague and ridiculous, because it probably is, but it could be possible, as we do not know everything about our universe and our brains.

  2. DMT has always been something interesting to me, it provides the ability to dream and see life differently then how we normally see it. I think the scientist in the video was really open-minded about what we might learn