Thursday, August 5, 2021

Book Report: Thinking, Fast and Slow

The book Thinking, Fast and Slow examines the judgements and choices a person makes and the reasons they are able to make specific decisions. This novel deciphers how Two Systems, Heuristics and Biases, Overconfidence, Choices, and Two Selves are all vitaly important to making these decisions. Thinking, Fast and Slow delves into the essence of the questions in what ways do we think slow/fast and how do these ways of thinking affect a person's daily life. 

My general consensus after reading this novel was that we create a subconscious bias and whether it is an immediate response that is driven or a critical well thought out response is how we can ultimately identify the root of the bias and resolve the issues. It is often that these biases can not be recognized as they become patterns or habits. It is widely known that people are subjectively judgemental and biased. Even when we try so desperately to be open and unswayed, we still are subconsciously biasing and evaluating circumstances in life. 

Ultimately, this novel is split up into five main sections. Part 1, Two systems deals with the basic elements of fast vs slow and how each approaches judgements and choices. Part 2, deals with why we have subconscious bias and how people deal with unwavering impressions. Part 3, entails the difficulties of thinking in a statistical manner and being able to think outside of the box. Part 4, is focused on the nature of economics and the ways it affects our decision making abilities. Finally, Part 5 describes the research behind the experiencing self and the remembering self. 

My favorite part of the novel was when Two Selves was brought up. Two selves show the yin and yang relationship that fast and slow thinking portray. They are complete opposites, but both are necessary (respectfully) in their own certain situations. The two selves demonstrate the balance between what is known as the remembering self, and what is referred to as the experiencing self. The remembering self focuses on the past deals with situations as a reflective lesson learned. The experiencing self lives in the moment and deals with the feelings, the emotions, repercussions of choices that have been made. 

In this class, we have talked much about being open-minded. This book splits the divide between our distasteful biases and closed minded thoughts and welcoming open-minded thoughts. This novel has helped me specifically open my eyes to the world and see things in a different light, being open minded can change hearts and minds toward a variety of different subjects. Specifically, reading this book can shed light on new perspectives and alternative ways to look at a situation whether it be good or bad. In today's world, there is so much anger and hatred towards people who come from different backgrounds and cultures and much of the animosity is fueled by ignorance and closed-minded behavior and thinking. If people in general were more open minded to embracing people who look/talk/act/believe differently I know that the world would truly be a better place for all of us!

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