Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Jersey Devil

     The story of the Jersey Devil is unique. The legend stems from Quaker folklore where much of the gossip surrounding it came in spite of the almanac Daniel Leeds had publish. The old folklore states that the 13th child of Mother leads was in fact the devil. The Jersey Devil is often associated with a horse like figure with wings. When it was born, it is said that the child began growing at an unbelievably fast rate. The child transformed into a large beast with wings and horns. The Jersey Devil proceeded to kill Mother Leeds and the midwife that helped deliver the baby. From that day on it began terrorizing the Pine Barrons area of New Jersey. 

     However, because the creature can fly it was not secluded to just this part of the region.
The most sightings of the Jersey Devil come from many accounts in newspapers and articles written back in 1909. At one point, the Devil became such a problem that schools, factors, mills, and more shut down because of the fear surrounding the legend of the Jersey Devil. The beast has been seen mostly in the Pine Barrons of New Jersey but there have been reports of sightings as far west as Philadelphia.

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  1. Hi edward, I love learning more and more about thsi jersey devil, ive never actually looked into it unitl this class.