Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The jersey devil: Baader Meinhof Phenomenon

 There are many different opinions confirming the myth the jersey devil, ghost stories of hunters in the woods of Pine Barrens, where the devil resides. As for me I believe that the once you enter those woods thinking about the The Jersey Devil, your mind will create the Jersey Devil. This is called the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon, this is when your mind plays tricks on you, it creates an illusion for you to see so you can think it is there. Your mind is very powerful, like many other myths such as ghost in your house, or the myth of Bigfoot. Your mind will create an illusion so you can believe it's true. The Baader phenomenon will back me up on my belief, it has been proven that once your mind is set on something it will see it more often. For example, when someone wants a red car really badly, it will be lodged in the back of your brain, even if you are not thinking about it, red cars will start to appear more often because as the phenomenon says, your mind creates a selective attention bias. This happens because your brain takes notice of the things your are passionate about or are interesting in. Many ghost stories about the Jersey Devil has occurred, all bringing back to reporters saying "They swear", a statement that shows that it's not  believable. The myth started in 1909, with this creature capturing newspaper headlines, and more and more people seem to be encountered with the Devil. I stand to believe it is just your mind playing tricks on you, your mind thinking they saw it just because it has everyone else scared and has been on the headlines of news papers. This myth has many fans and authors writing about ti causing the people to read and want to see the woods for themselves, walking into the woods scared and knowing this is home of the Devil, causes your brain to react to any sound or object near by. 

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