Thursday, August 5, 2021

Blog Post 3: The End of The World

     The end of the world is a terrifying thing to have to think about, but it is something that could very well happen at some point down the line (hopefully very, very far down the line).  Something touched on in the powerpoint is just how many different dates there are that the world could end according to different sources.  Whether religious, somehow scientifically backed, or created by pure skeptics,  these theories on the world ending have successfully scared millions.

    The most influential world ending prediction was without a doubt Y2K.  This event was something that my parents enjoyed talking to me about, and back when I was much more interested in technology, this was one of the most perplexing thoughts I had ever had.  When we think about it now, the thought of the world ending due to a sudden technological shut down because of the changing of a number is ridiculous, but the very thought of it occurring was enough to terrify millions.  An interesting thing I have heard about the theory set forth by Kenton Beshore Kyle about the events supposedly to occur around 2021 is that COVID is actually the event that was discussed and that we would experience the troubles of COVID for those seven years.  This is an interesting thought, and in my opinion is just a strange coincidence.  How people continue to attempt to predict the end of the world and be wrong amuses me, and hopefully will continue to purely amuse me for the rest of my lifetime.

Here is an article about Y2K and what the U.S. government did to combat it:

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