Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Great Pyramid of Giza

    It is said that the creators of the ancient Egyptian pyramids used basic techniques using push pull, ropes and slave labor. For the longest time i have just never could understand how that was possible and as i began looking into some of the facts about the Great Pyramid itself and the dimensions and mathematic calculations that really went into the construction it blew my mind and made me think two things, either there was an ancient race of humanoids who were extremely advanced and we either lost all artifacts of them due to natural disasters or an alien race came down and built this thing because there is no way the people the history books say were around during that time period could make these calculations. 

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Features of The Pyramids of Giza

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  1. I agree that the whole "ropes, pulleys, and slaves" system seems a little sketchy, given the massive scale at which these projects were done. There are many relics like the pyramids that seem to defy explanation given how old they are. I encourage you to look up the ancient Nazca spiral holes. We tend to assume that ancient civilizations were full of dumb barbarians, and while they did lack our fundamental understanding of science and math, they were probably more intelligent than we give them credit for. I think that these ancient relics show pseudoscience in work, just in a good way. For example, they may not know the mathematical calculations behind the pyramid, but they may have identified the patterns of triangles being sturdy shapes and how gravity may affect them, even if they can't explain it. However, I also do think the possibility of an advanced ancient civilization that disappeared is super cool and would explain some things that we question to this day.