Sunday, August 8, 2021

Blog Post 10% of our Brains

 This Lecture titled “10% of Our Brains & Out of Body Experiences' discussed the myth of how people only use up to 10% of their brain power and what is possible if we were able to use more, it also discussed mystics, psychics and healers.  Many people believe that if people were able to tap into their brains latent abilities there is no telling what people could do and what powers and abilities we would be capable of.  In the movie Lucy we can see all the abilities that she has, as she is able to tap into more of her brain's power as the movie progresses and how she becomes less human throughout the process.  In the videos we see many supposed psychics and such and then we see how easily they can be disproven.  

     I believe that one of the reasons people fall for what these charlatans are doing is because they feel the need to believe in something else, some higher power.  People over the ages believe in God or gods to have some control over their lives.  I think this may be especially true for people who have lost a loved one or who are ill or elderly.  We also want to believe that we are capable of more if we only could access that part of our brain.  Unfortunately this is how people are taken advantage of by these fake psychics and such.  Even the woman who was reading the dog couldn’t actually tell anything about the dog and just made excuses, such as the dog feels young that is why he said the wrong age to her and you could tell by just interacting with the dog that he is calm and loving.  

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