Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walking Under a Ladder

When I was a kid, I was told by many to never walk under a ladder because it would consist of years of bad luck. I never knew why it was a big deal because a ladder was just a ladder in my eyes. I guess they were more superstitious than me back then.

The superstition of walking under a ladder has various theories of how it has originated. One theory, according to Timeless Myths, was that the ladder represented the Holy Trinity and walking under a ladder would break the Trinity and commit blasphemy. Another theory suggests that the ladder relates to the gallows. According to Mysteries and Phenomenons, the ladder would lean against the gallows to bring down a body after a hanging. A third theory suggests that the Egyptians believed that the triangle had power as the shape of a pyramid and walking under a ladder would break this power.

So how do you reverse your supposed bad luck from walking under a ladder? According to, ways that you can turn your bad luck around are to:

1. Spit. You can either spit three times through the rungs of the ladder, or alternatively spit on your shoe. But don’t dare look at your shoe until it has dried. (how are you supposed to know you hit your shoe in the first place? And what if you’re wearing sandals?)

2. Put it in reverse and back your way through the ladder again. Clearly this will undo what just happened.

3. Cross your fingers until you find a dog.

4. The bonus LSNED exclusive solution: stop believing in luck and keep on walking.

All in all, people could think twice about walking under a ladder knowing the history of it. I remember having a string of bad luck in middle school and not know where it all came from. Everyone thought I was cursed at the time, but fortunately, it went away after I started high school. Perhaps, it was from walking under a ladder (if I could remember) or maybe something else.



  1. Wow! I never knew there were ways to reverse the bad luck that is destined to occur from walking under a ladder. Had I known this I would have taken more chances as a kid and walked under some ladders. Thank you very much for this post. I'm going to go find a ladder to walk under now!

  2. To this day my mother still tells me it is bad luck to walk under a ladder. I have heard this myth my whole life and have walked under ladders many times to prove my mom wrong. I never knew where the superstition came from until now. Who new that a ladder represented the Holy Trinity?