Monday, July 11, 2011

Predicting your future through Tarot cards

We all can remember Miss Cleo and her ridiculously catchy commercials that played about twenty times during one TV show. Some of us may remember the law suit that she just did not see coming. Many people, like Miss Cleo, advertise Tarot card readings as a way of predicting the future. Truth is Tarot cards were not meant to be used for such a purpose. The use of the cards can date back to 1440 where there is a clear difference from traditional playing cards to cards called triumph cards. These cards were used as a game not as a way of predicting the future. It was not until 1781 when occult members in France and England came across the cards that they had any spiritual meaning behind them.

The cards used today are meant to be guides to future possibilities. I was surprised while during my research I came across a familiar name, Carl Jung. He believed in synchronicity which states that there are many different possibilities that have different consequences in life and if we open our minds we can see the signs all around us. Although Jung was not a follower of Tarot cards, the cards use the same basic principle to open up a person's mind to the different possibilities.

The media will trick people out of their money any way they can. Tarot cards were never meant to predict the future, only show people another solution to whatever problem they may be facing. In Miss Cleo's case, she promised predictions with wealth and love, inciting for any person. However, when the numbers stopped adding up she was shown for what she really is, a scam artist. Is it possible that their are other paths in life to choose besides the one we are already on? I would like to think so, if not what is the point in living if everything is predestinated?

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