Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sugar Makes Your Children Hyper?

Since I was a reckless, candy craving child myself, I would always hear my mother telling me no candy at a certain time or in certain situations. The certain time would be when she did not want to deal with my "sugar-induced hyperactivity" and the certain situation would be when she did not want to deal with my "sugar-induced hypractivity." This has been a rumor or myth that has circulated through many generations of families, and it very widespread and well known to the public. Candy is a very easy scapegoat for the blame of this myth because it is so loved by many children and without scientific tests seems to prove the myth true.

The facts are though that sugar in children produced no known affect of hyperactivity regardless of whether the child has ADHD or not. Some examples of pseudoscience are rather farfetched, but this one does not seem so in this case. This could be partial reasoning of why it is believed by so many people. Parents never think about how easily amused a child is when they believe this myth. Have you ever gave a child a dollar, a new toy, or perhaps something else which would give you no satisfaction whatsoever? The majority of times will send the child into this extremely happy state of mind which can be mistaken for hyperactivity. Also, what parents do not think about is their restriction of candy consumption for their children takes part in why the myth is so widely believed. When the child is restricted from eating candy for large periods of time, the special occasions in which he or she can makes them extremely happy and hyper. Scientists has done at least 12 double blind studies in which the children's hyperactivity was in now way caused by the sugar.

Further information can be found here: http://www.businessweek.com/careers/workingparents/blog/archives/2008/12/medical_journal_says_sugar_does_not_make_kids_hyper.html

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