Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Power Balance

Power Balance technology is based on the idea of optimizing users' natural energy flow. In the bracelet there is a dime size hologram on each side of your wrist. The hologram in Power Balance is meant to respond to and resonate with the natural energy field of the body and that's how it works. Now to say that these statements are to be in fact true is completely up to your imagination. There has been no evidence of this device resonating with the natural energy field of the body.

I personally own one and have not felt the slight bit of difference from wearing it around. The style is of course why I still keep wearing it not because I believe it to increase my balance or that I can stretch further with it on. On the Power Balance official website, there is absolutely no statement of the product being able to increase your balance or do any other crazy thing that has been said in the past. The extent of what is said on the website is “Power Balance is committed to bringing our wearable performance technology to everyone so each individual can maximize their potential and live life to its fullest. We are dedicated to compassionate business practices, a firm belief in our products, and helping people every day.”

This statement doesn’t really say what the bracelet can due or not due. It is merely stating that it can maximize our potential and live life to the fullest. Now living life to the fullest with only wearing a rubber bracelet with holograms in it is somewhat ridiculous, but it is human nature to try new things to try and increase our health. Many other websites state that the products will make you more athletic and this is why all the athletes wear the products today. These are not official statements but just speculations made by other consumers and bloggers.


  1. So many of my friends wear power-balance bracelets. I completely agree that it is not because they think they actually work, but because they are sporty and stylish. When I wore one I too did not feel any more balanced.

  2. My friend's mom has one and swears by it but she is still a klutz. I think she just doesn't want to admit that she was conned out of here money!