Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bermuda Triangle

Remember the Bermuda Triangle? The much talked about area of water located between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda seems to have lost its flare in the past few years with its most recent occurrence being in the year 2000. The Bermuda Triangle is responsible for many ship and plane disappearances that travel over or near the area with no known causes.
The first known suspicious activity occurring in the Bermuda Triangle was during Christopher Columbus’s voyage in October of 1492. He recorded in his log book during the time that he was in this area that there were “strange dancing lights on the horizon” and “flames in the sky.” He also recorded that his compass began to act strangely. Mysterious occurrences continued to arise in this area with the most famous being Flight 19. When the plane lost all of its communication and disappeared, search parties were sent out to find the missing crew only to have the same result as the previous flight. No one was able to recover any of these missing planes.
Many theories have arisen as to what causes these disappearances, some of which are aliens, gas, time warps, the lost city of Atlantis’ technology, pirates, weather, and loss of fuel. Some of these theories have caused people to panic. The media has fabricated reports leading people to have a fear of traveling over the area of the triangle and believing illogical theories. In reality, there have been more successful travels over the Bermuda Triangle than there have been disappearances.
When investigating the disappearances of these aircraft and ships, researchers have created ideas as to why and how these planes and ships disappeared, however none are facts so their true causes are, and will remain, unresolved. As stated, these are just theories. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle is still amazing people with its wonders and still remains a mystery to scientists, researchers, and paranormal theorists.

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  1. I found this post to be interesting, because I've always heard of the Bermuda Triangle but never really knew what it was or the "facts" behind it. After reading your post, however, I agree that there have definitely been many many more successful trips across the Bermuda Triangle than unsuccessful. This makes me wonder why there was ever such a fuss over the Bermuda Triangle to begin with. I guess people are just attracted to the mystery behind things.